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about us

About us

Study in France at Aura: A beacon for global management education

Aura stands as a fast-emerging private school in France, offering world-class Management Programmes. We offer a curriculum built on proven marketing and management techniques drawn from successful business segments and startups. Our courses are designed to reflect current management disciplines and innovative approaches.

As a leading institution for studying in France, Aura is renowned for its specialised courses in Hospitality, Travel & Leisure, Business Management, Finance Management, and Banking, tailored to thrive in a bright economic climate.


Why choose Aura for studying abroad in France?

Studying abroad in France at Aura means integrating into an industry-based education system that is collaborative and embedded in modern management practices.
Our diverse student body includes local and international students, bringing ethnic diversity and skills that enhance the learning experience.

These eclectic groups widen their global vision and understanding of the business world, benefitting from the multi-cultural values shared among peers.

President’s message

Commitment to excellence

We are dedicated to guiding our students towards becoming future leaders. We offer comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate programmes with specialisations in Business and Hospitality, reflecting our commitment to providing an exceptional educational journey.

We promise a beautiful future for our students, opening the gates to international education and a deserving career, tailored to each student’s specific needs.

Darren Hunt

President - Aura International School of Management

Mission, vision, values

Educational philosophy and objectives


Our mission is to mould thought leaders of tomorrow, secured with new-age methodologies and corporate dynamics. Studying in France at Aura allows students to soak up the beauty, art, and traditions of France, embracing and respecting diverse cultures and values


Our vision is to rank among the most renowned Management schools globally, facilitating outstanding potential in each student to become an asset to their organisation.

Our Values



Our approach is progressive, purposeful, and positive. We focus on sharpening each student's unique skills, ensuring integrity, trustworthiness, and reliability are at the forefront of our teachings.



We are committed to building self-assured, impactful thought leaders through hands-on teaching and inclusive communication models



Our forward-thinking strategies are continually evolving, supported by a powerhouse of intellectual faculty guiding students through various management competencies essential for career success.



We work as a collective community. With our vision to enrich every student’s life, we impart a valuable global learning perspective. With our hands-on inclusive approach, we believe in delivering ethical, value-based learnings.


Discover AURA Team

Darren HUNT


Karolina Slaba

Presidential Assistant

Benjamin Garcia


Pascal Castel

International Human Resources Professor

Eric Bouf

International Hospitality Prof.

Cindy Pineau

International Accounting Prof.

Hervé Vermot-Desroches

French Prof.

Jean Pierre SOTTILI

Leadership Prof.


Marketing & CRM Prof.

Maud Tuncel

Hospitality Management Prof.

Bénédictre Bouvrot

Food Safety Prof.

Arthur Chancel

Intercultural Management & Wine World Prof.

Sami Jdaini

Culinary arts Prof.

Tania Arellano Lauredi

Marketing Prof.

Jaafar Greinch

International Finance Prof.

Jocelyne Brioude

Business Communication Prof.
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Weronika Kuziara

Management Prof.

Benjamin BRIOUDE

Logistic & Supply Chain Prof.

Rudy Pompui

Codes and Etiquette Prof.

Marcello Di Furia

Int. Business Development Prof.

Jerome Mativon

Int. Marketing & Cross Cultural Management

Baptiste Cordier

CRM / Marketing Prof.

Pascal Odin

Taxation & Finance Management Prof.

Inès Magon

Int. Development & Admissions Manager


Admissions Manager

Mahima Anand

Admissions Manager -India

Process & Training Manager


Placement and Career Manager

Sahara Neupane

Admissions Manager - Nepal
about us

Accreditations and memberships

Aura proudly holds memberships with EFMD Global and ICHRIE, enhancing our reputation and offering our students access to a vast network of educational and industry resources.

These affiliations help us stay at the forefront of management education and provide our students with exceptional opportunities for growth and recognition.


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