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Leading the future of luxury and culinary arts while studying in France



Overview of the MBA Hospitality Program

The MBA in Hospitality is a transformative program uniquely designed to cultivate adaptability in the ever-evolving world of hospitality.
This program equips students with the critical skills required to adeptly manage luxury hotels and navigate emerging trends. With specialisations in International Hospitality Management (IHM) and International Culinary Arts (ICA), students embark on a comprehensive journey that incorporates essential competencies for outstanding performance in the dynamic hospitality sector.

The MBA in International Hospitality Management is crafted to prepare students for dynamic careers in hospitality, emphasising operational intricacies and strategic management—essential facets of this sector. Concurrently, the MBA in International Culinary Arts delves into culinary trends within the hospitality industry, covering business practices, principles of Food and Beverage (F&B), and fine dining trends.

This meticulously curated program spans 2 years, including 6 months of intensive academic theory studies followed by 6 months dedicated to immersive industry internships each year. This balanced approach ensures that students gain both theoretical knowledge and practical application, essential for those looking to study abroad in France.

The unique structure of the MBA Hospitality allows students to engage in internships abroad in France, providing them with critical industry exposure and practical experience that bridge academic theory with real world application.

This holistic understanding of the nuances within the hospitality sector is invaluable for students pursuing an international career.

MBA International Hospitality Management

This MBA in International Hospitality Management not only equips individuals with specialised knowledge but also positions them as dynamic and strategic leaders ready to navigate the challenges and opportunities in the global hospitality industry.

With a focus on excellence in leadership and a comprehensive grasp of industry nuances, this program prepares graduates for impactful and rewarding careers in the fast-changing world of international hospitality.

The MBA in International Hospitality Management (IHM) Program is carefully designed to empower students with profound insights into hospitality leadership, effective management strategies, and strategic decision-making proficiency.

The comprehensive curriculum covers crucial topics including Restaurant and Food & Beverage (F&B) Operations, Accommodations, Sanitation and Hygiene, and Hospitality Business & Organisational Behaviour, as well as Business Laws and Taxations relevant to the sector. This focus on cultivating leadership skills, sharpening management expertise, and fostering strategic decision-making capabilities is crucial for success in the complex hospitality landscape.

Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates are awarded 120 ECTS Credits, a testament to their academic and professional accomplishments.

This accreditation highlights the rigorous educational standards and international calibre of the MBA Hospitality Programme, making it an ideal choice for those looking to pursue their MBA business and study in France.



The fee structure breakdown for the MBA program at Aura-Paris and Aura-Lyon campuses:

Tuition Fees

Non-EU Students:

  • Aura-Paris: 11,400 EUR per annum
  • Aura-Lyon: 9,500 EUR per annum

EU Students:

  • Aura-Paris: 7,400 EUR per annum (Monthly installments with guarantee possible)
  • Aura-Lyon: 5,500 EUR per annum (Monthly installments with guarantee possible)

Administration Fee

  • Administration Fee: 320 EUR per annum

Intake Periods

  • Intake: October 2024 & March 2025

NOTE: An early-bird scholarship offer of 1,500 EUR fee concession is applicable for both campuses and both intakes.

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