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Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel

Le Louvre

Le Louvre


Experience rich culture and stunning scenery

Explore the rich culture and stunning scenery of France, a country that bridges northern and southern Europe with its captivating historical landmarks and vibrant landscapes. When you study abroad in France, you embark on a European adventure filled with chic vibes and artistic allure. Whether you're indulging in exquisite French cuisine in Lyon or finding inspiration amidst the iconic Parisian scenes, France warmly welcomes you to explore its many treasures.

Imagine yourself in Paris, the renowned 'City of Luxury, Fashion, and Beauty,' where glamour prevails through year-round fashion shows. Alternatively, experience the allure of the French Riviera and its prestigious film festivals in Cannes. Studying in France not only offers you the chance to immerse yourself in a globally recognized education system but also provides affordable study fees, making it an ideal destination for academic pursuits.

Embark on your extraordinary educational journey and study in France, right in the heart of Europe. Discover how France can transform your academic and personal life, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

The City of lyon

Discover Lyon, a hub of culture and innovation

Nestled in the heart of France, Lyon represents a unique blend of rich history and modern vibrance. As the third-largest city in France, Lyon is not only recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site but also celebrated for its historic architecture and picturesque river settings. The city thrives both culturally and economically, making it a renowned centre for gastronomy, innovation, and business. For those looking to study in France, Lyon offers a compelling backdrop that combines educational excellence with a high quality of life.


France's Second Largest Student City

As France's second-largest student hub, Lyon provides a vibrant educational landscape with over 150,000 students, making it an ideal location for those looking to study abroad in France. Awarded the title of France's Best Student City in 2018, Lyon promises quality academic experiences complemented by extensive public transportation and a lively social scene.

Beyond its academic prowess, Lyon stands as France's second major economic hub after Paris. The city's strategic location supports a variety of industries and fosters innovation, particularly in research and development. This dynamic environment offers students and professionals opportunities to engage with cutting-edge sectors and enhance their careers.

Lyon's designation as a UNESCO Heritage Site underlines its architectural and historical significance. From the Renaissance buildings to the hidden passageways of Lyon's Old Town, the city charms visitors and residents alike. Its cultural vibrancy is further enhanced by numerous festivals and events, enriching the experience of studying in France.

Renowned as the gastronomic capital of France, Lyon celebrates its culinary heritage through traditional bouchons and Michelin-starred restaurants. The city's seasonal delights showcase the diversity of local produce and culinary innovations, affirming Lyon's status as a gastronomic haven.

Strategically located, Lyon boasts excellent connectivity, featuring an international airport and high-speed train services. This facilitates easy travel to major European cities and enhances Lyon's appeal for international students and professionals, making it a prime choice for those planning to study abroad in France.



The City of paris

Experience academic excellence and cultural immersion in Paris

Paris, the enchanting capital of France, offers a unique mix of historical elegance and contemporary flair, making it an ideal destination for those interested in studying in France. The city allures visitors and students alike with its rich cultural charm and culinary excellence.



The Capitale

A hub for professional growth

Paris hosts numerous multinational corporations and international organisations, offering abundant networking opportunities and fostering connections across various sectors. This vibrant business environment is complemented by prestigious universities that support innovation and continuous learning, making it a strategic location for students who study in France.

Paris is home to world-class museums with vast art collections and iconic landmarks that symbolise architectural grandeur. The city's dynamic arts scene further enriches the cultural landscape, making studying in France a truly immersive experience. The renowned culinary scene offers students a taste of gastronomic delights that France is famous for.

The extensive network of the Paris Métro, along with buses, trams, and trains, provides seamless navigation throughout the city, enhancing the experience of studying abroad in France. Paris is also a central hub for high-speed trains and boasts multiple international airports, ensuring easy global access. The city’s well-planned urban layout encourages walking and sustainable commuting with its popular city bike programs, while the Seine River offers additional scenic transportation options.

Students in Paris benefit from an immersive French-speaking environment that enhances language proficiency and a multicultural setting that encourages global collaboration. The city provides abundant internship and job opportunities, which are essential for professional development. Moreover, Paris' cultural richness and recreational amenities contribute to a well-rounded educational experience. Efficient public transportation makes it easy to explore the city, and a diverse social scene enriches extracurricular experiences.

In essence, Paris offers a unique blend of academic excellence, cultural immersion, and professional opportunities, making it an ideal destination for personal and intellectual growth for those looking to study abroad in France.


Government assistance for students studying in France

In France, international students benefit from comprehensive social security coverage, which includes reduced-cost healthcare services for medical treatments and prescriptions.

This coverage is crucial, particularly for those studying abroad in France, as it offers protection against accidents and illnesses. By alleviating financial concerns related to health, students can focus more effectively on their academic pursuits.

The Caisse d'Allocations Familiales (CAF), a key institution in France, provides financial assistance to students in the form of housing allowances.

This support is especially beneficial for those looking to study in France, as it significantly reduces accommodation expenses, making studying abroad more accessible and affordable.

Aura Lyon plays a pivotal role in helping students navigate the process of registering with Assurance Maladie and CAF to access these benefits. Our support ensures that students can secure the necessary financial and health protections smoothly and efficiently.

Students planning to study in France can find more details about these benefits and how to apply through the following resources:

Working during and after graduation

Part-time jobs for international students in France

For international students studying in France, working part-time is a viable option that comes with numerous benefits. Students are allowed to work up to 964 hours per year, approximately 20 hours per week, which is conducive to balancing study and work commitments.

Notably, the program structure at Aura International includes six months of courses followed by six months of paid internships annually, which are exempt from the 964-hour limit. This arrangement is particularly beneficial for those holding a study in France visa, allowing them to gain practical experience without impacting their permitted work hours.

Working part-time while studying in France offers several advantages:

  • Financial support: Supplement your income to cover living expenses, accommodation, and personal needs.
  • Language skills: Enhance your French language proficiency in a professional setting, aiding in better communication and cultural integration.
  • Professional experience: Gain valuable work experience that enhances your resume and bolsters future career prospects.
  • Networking: Build professional networks within France, potentially opening doors for future employment opportunities.
  • Cultural integration: Immerse yourself in the local culture through work, deepening your understanding of the French lifestyle.

It’s important for students to be mindful of legal working hour limitations and balance their work commitments with academic responsibilities to ensure a successful study abroad experience in France.

For more information on working as a student, visit:

Interested in continuing your career in France after your studies? Depending on your level of study and nationality, you may be eligible to obtain a residence permit that allows you to stay and work in France. This opportunity is an excellent way to transition from studying in France to establishing a professional career in the same environment.For personalised information on extending your stay for work purposes after graduation, please visit the official French administration website:

Student concessions

Explore the advantages of student concessions in France

In France, student concessions offer a variety of discounts and benefits that provide significant financial advantages and enhance overall well-being, making studying in France not only enriching but also economical. These concessions are especially beneficial for those who study abroad in France, as they help ease the transition and integration into the French way of life.



AURA school

AURA school


Comprehensive coverage of student needs

● Reduced public transportation costs:
Discounted fares on buses, trams, and trains make both city and regional travel more affordable, allowing students studying in France to explore the country extensively.

● Cultural discounts:
Museums, theatres, and cinemas often offer discounted or free entry, which promotes engagement with France’s rich local culture. This is a particularly appealing perk for international students looking to immerse themselves fully while studying abroad in France.

● Housing assistance:
Special rates and subsidies for student accommodation help ease the burden of living expenses, making studying in France more accessible.

● Healthcare benefits:
Concessions on medical consultations and medications are available for students covered by social security, ensuring that health concerns do not impede their academic pursuits.

● Discounted meals:
Cafeterias and nearby restaurants offer reduced-price meals, improving access to nutritious and affordable food.

● Book and supply discounts:
Reduced prices on textbooks and school supplies help alleviate the financial burden associated with academic resources.

At Aura Lyon, students receive the ISIC card (International Student Identity Card), unlocking a range of additional benefits, from travel discounts to savings on entertainment and much more. This card is a valuable tool for anyone looking to study abroad in France, providing myriad ways to save while enhancing the educational experience.


For more details on the benefits of the ISIC card and how it can help you while studying in France, visit:

French Cuisine

Auguste Escoffier known as “The King of Chefs and the Chef of Kings” turned French food into modern 20th-century haute cuisine. Culinary tourism includes familiarizing people with the food bourgeoisie of the elites as well as the rustic cooking of the French.

French food changes according to the season. In summer, crisp mixed greens (salads) and other fresh organic product dishes are found in abundance. Towards the end of the summer, mushrooms become copious and are used in stews. With the coming of the hunting season in September, all kinds of meat are eaten by cooking intricate dishes that celebrate the spoils of the hunt. Shellfish and escargot are at their pinnacle when winter goes to spring, and clams show up in eateries in huge amounts.







French wine

French wine

Schengen visa

Multiple country access with a Schengen visa

A Schengen visa offers international students a fantastic opportunity to explore diverse cultures within the Schengen Area while engaged in academic pursuits. Ideal for those studying abroad in France, this visa allows students to freely travel across 26 European countries, enriching their educational journey with extensive cultural exploration.

Compared to standard tourist visas, the Schengen visa facilitates longer stays, which is crucial for students looking to complete academic programs, partake in internships, or attend conferences seamlessly. This extended access is particularly beneficial for those who obtain a study in France visa, ensuring their stay is without interruptions.

Travelling freely within the Schengen Area encourages cultural exchange and exposure to diverse educational environments, significantly enriching students' learning experiences. For those studying in France, this means a broader, more immersive educational experience, making every moment count.

Understanding the visa procedures and requirements is essential, particularly as regulations may vary depending on your citizenship:

  • EU Citizens: No visa is required.
  • Non-EU Residents: Must apply for a student visa or residence permit, valid for one year and renewable from within France. Health insurance is mandatory and typically costs between € 20,- to € 50,- monthly. Proof of financial sufficiency is necessary. It's advisable to start the study in France visa process as soon as you receive your Acceptance Letter to avoid delays.

For more detailed information or to check visa requirements, please visit:

Upon arrival in France, international students must complete the “VISA LONG SÉJOUR – DEMANDE D’ATTESTATION OFII” process within three months. This is essential for validating your study in France visa. Normally, before your visa is validated, you cannot leave France to visit other Schengen countries.

Aura Lyon assists students with the OFII procedure, ensuring the visa validation process is smooth and straightforward.


French flag against blue sky


This is significantly important as France is home to some of the world’s topmost international students. Right from informational websites, apps, forums, discount programs, language exchange, online marketplaces, affordable things to do, you can get anything. A student ID card is very useful to avail discounts and subsidized rates at public transportation and eating joints. France is known to have one of the world’s best public transportation facilities. Right from local buses, subway, and regional trains, to innovative rental services for bikes and cars, France has amazing public transportation.


Plenty of options are available for the students in France. There are many online portals through which students can book their accommodation. The accommodation may range between €400-€600 per person depending on size and facilities.If students have booked and taken accommodation in their name, they also have the option to apply for a grant from their local Caisse d’Allocation Familiale (CAF).The application of CAF is free and the student is eligible to get up to 35%-50% of your rent back monthly. Terms and Conditions apply for the CAF eligibility, check with the landlord before you make an agreement.


France government’s regulation for student internships is for at least two months and a maximum of six months. However, companies offering short-term internships have a choice to pay or not to pay the intern. Usually, the stipend pay is for an internship starts from €558 per month. Apart from the pay, some companies may offer other benefits to the interns like coupons that can be used at many supermarkets, restaurants or cafés in France. Students can browse French websites for an internship like Cadremploi, APEC and Viadéo etc. But, most of the time; the school helps the students to get the internship.

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