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Aura International School of Management for International Student

The Aura International School of Management is recognised as a premier institution offering top-grade global management degrees tailored specifically for international students. Conceived with the mission of moulding future business leaders, the school caters to a diverse student populace through an array of study abroad programs.

Central to its ethos is the endorsement of a multicultural learning environment that encourages the cross-border exchange of ideas, thus readying graduates for the complexities of the global marketplace. The institution is unwavering in its commitment to providing international student services geared towards bolstering both the educational journey and personal evolution of students.

Key Points:

  • Aura International School of Management offers bespoke global management degrees aimed at international students.
  • The institution fosters a multicultural learning environment to promote cross-cultural dialogue and understanding.
  • It provides a plethora of study abroad programs to cater to a diverse student body.
  • The school is unwavering in its commitment to offer comprehensive international student services, enhancing both the educational and personal development of students.
  • By encouraging the cross-border exchange of ideas, it prepares graduates for the challenges and opportunities of the global marketplace.

An Overview of Aura International School of Management

Stepping into the world of higher education, especially in an international context, often leaves students seeking for an institution with substantial history, reputation, striking accreditations, global partnerships, and productive campus facilities. All these facets foster a conducive and multicultural learning environment. Offering the same, Aura International School of Management stands as an appealing choice for prospective international student admissions.

History and Reputation

Ever since its inception, Aura International School of Management has been building a strong foundation and reputation in the realm of management education. This has allowed the institution to stand apart as a distinguished destination for international students seeking a high-quality, multicultural learning environment.

Accreditations and Global Partnerships

Testifying to its relentless commitment to uphold high academic standards, the school has earned multiple accreditations from prestigious, globally recognised educational bodies. Additionally, the school has forged partnerships with esteemed institutions across the globe, facilitating vibrant exchange programmes and an enriched educational experience.

Campus Facilities and Resources

The modern campus of Aura International is meticulously designed with an eye for the specific needs of international students. It is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and resources, including cutting-edge classrooms, comprehensive research centres, and an extant library boasting a vast collection of management literature. All these elements contribute towards creating an enabling environment conducive for academic exploration and growth.

Study Abroad Programs at Aura International

Igniting intellectual curiosity, Aura International has artfully crafted a plethora of study abroad programs in their quest to provide world-class global management degrees. These programs are quintessential to broadening perspectives, fostering a healthier appreciation for global diversity, and imbibing an international business ethos to shape agile leaders for tomorrow’s markets.

Exchange Programs with Global Institutions

Understated in their brilliance, Aura’s exchange programs are a significant aspect of their offerings, transforming students into global citisens. Partnering with esteemed business schools across continents, the institution designs a symbiotic platform for cross-cultural academic exchange, enabling a direct interface with global business realities.

Short-term Summer and Winter Courses

Acknowledging the diverse needs of international students, Aura supplements its primary global management degree with high-intensity summer and winter courses. Suited remarkably for those seeking a comprehensive academic experience within a condensed timeframe, these courses encompass a thicket of relevant management principles, case studies, and practical aspects.

Language Immersion and Cultural Activities

Beyond equipping students with robust management knowledge, Aura embraces cultural integration to nurture a vivid multicultural spectrum on its campus. Encompassing an array of language immersion programs and cultural activities, the institution serves a dual purpose – facilitating seamless assimilation into a new cultural setting and nurturing students’ global competencies. The school’s student visa assistance plays a crucial role in ensuring prospective students transition smoothly into these programs.

Program TypeDurationLearning Outcomes
Exchange ProgramsOne to two semestersInternational business exposure, cross-cultural competence
Summer and Winter CoursesTwo to eight weeksIntensive academic coverage, practical application of management concepts
Language ImmersionContinuousLanguage proficiency, cultural familiarity


International Student Admissions: Procedure and Requirements

The international student admissions process is one of the first steps for prospective students eyeing a global management degree abroad. The Aura International school has a well-structured and streamlined procedure to guide you through this journey. It begins with an initial inquiry and extends to your enrollment at the institution.

Throughout your application, you will need certain documents and requirements. These typically include your academic credentials, which should evidence your competence and preparation for the program of interest. Furthermore, to ensure a smooth academic ride in a predominantly English language environment, you will need to provide proof of your English language proficiency.

This can be scores from standardised tests like IELTS or TOEFL. The admissions process also values your personal attributes and motivations. Therefore, personal statements and references form a critical part of your application.

To aid you in meeting all these criteria, the school’s admission team extends a comprehensive guidance service to all international applicants, ensuring every requirement is understood and met timely.


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The school’s objective is not just to enrol international students, but to foster a diverse community of learners from various socio-economic backgrounds. To realise this objective, Aura International actively caters to accessibility to education by offering a host of international student scholarships.

These scholarships open the door for numerous prospective international students, making a global management degree within their reach despite their financial constraints.

ScholarshipEligibilityApplication Procedure
International Excellence ScholarshipOutstanding academic results from previous institutionsAuto-applied on submission of main application
Global Merit ScholarshipLeadership experience, personal statementSubmit an online form along with main application
Cultural Diversity ScholarshipNationals from low/middle-income countriesSeparate application; requires a dedicated essay


Remember, these scholarships not only lighten the financial load, but are also impressive achievements to add to your burgeoning portfolio. The application processes may differ for each scholarship, but the benefits they confer are unarguably substantial. Explore the one that aligns best with your qualifications and aspirations and give boost to your global education dreams.

Aura International School of Management for International Students

At Aura International School of Management, the focus is more than mere classroom learning. It’s a blend of a well-rounded curriculum, proficient educators, and a supportive and multicultural learning environment designed to aid international students in achieving their career ambitions.

Course Offerings and Specialisation Options

The institution offers a diverse array of courses designed to cater to the varied interests of its students. Beyond a global management degree, students can also explore specialisation options in different domains of business and management. These broad course offerings and specialisations empower students to tailor their academic journey, aligning with their personal interests and career goals.

Faculty Proficiency and Expertise

An accomplished faculty is at the cornerstone of the educational journey here. With a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise, the teaching staff guide students through a rigorous curriculum designed to prepare them for the real-world challenges of business management. The faculty, renowned for their international experience and research savvy, nurture the potential of students, ensuring they become globally competent future leaders.

Alumni Success and Career Trajectories

The benchmark for an institution’s success is often reflected in the achievements of its alumni. Aura International boasts an impressive network of successful alumni who have established themselves in various industries across the globe. This reflects the efficacy and breadth of study abroad programs conducted at Aura, demonstrating the significant impact a diverse and multicultural learning environment can have on a student’s career success.

International Student Services: Ensuring a Seamless Experience

Aura International’s pledge to its international students manifests itself vividly across its panoply of services. These offerings, fine-tuned to facilitate an exceptional student experience, encompass a broad spectrum of resources, ranging from comprehensive orientation programmes to exhaustive academic support. Health and wellbeing services, paired with initiatives aimed to foster cultural integration, contribute significantly towards the development of a truly multicultural learning environment.

Among these vast array of services, standing particularly prominent is the commitment to delivering unrivalled student visa assistance. Navigating the labyrinth of visa rules and regulations can often appear to be a daunting task for students aiming to study abroad. Aura International, aware of this challenge, lends its unwavering support to prospective students. The overarching objective is a simple one – to ensure that the journey towards securing a student visa is as seamless as possible.

Visa assistance and related services are systematic – beginning right at the onset, as students initiate their application process, extending through to their arrival on campus, and continuing even beyond graduation. This approach is designed to provide students with the peace of mind to focus unwaveringly on their academic and extracurricular pursuits.

“Our student services, particularly visa assistance, are testimonials to our dedication towards students. We want to make sure that the journey of international students, from applying for a visa to integrating into the Aura International community, is as smooth as possible.” – Aura International Representative

Let’s delve a bit deeper into the various services on offer at Aura International:

Orientation ProgrammeComprehensive initiation to the campus, its resources, and the academic curriculum, paving the way for students to hit the ground running from day one
Academic SupportExtensive academic resources, including tutoring services, writing workshops, and study groups, all designed to enhance students’ educational experience
Health and Wellbeing ServicesA suite of mental and physical health services, including counselling sessions, fitness classes, and nutrition guidance to ensure students’ wellbeing
Cultural IntegrationActivities and programs designed to acclimatise students to the diverse cultural palette of Aura International, facilitating their integration into the multicultural learning environment
Student Visa AssistanceA dedicated team provides personalised support, aiding students in understanding visa rules, filling out applications, and preparing for interviews


In summary, Aura International is a veritable haven for international students, offering rich learning experiences underpinned by extensive support services. The school’s steadfast commitment to student services, particularly its exhaustive student visa assistance programme, sets it apart as a leading choice for students eyeing an international education.

Financial Aid: Exploring International Student Scholarships

Higher education is a significant investment, filled with both opportunities and challenges. For many international students, financial considerations often pose a considerable obstacle. The good news is that Aura International School recognises this and offers a range of international student scholarships aimed at reducing these barriers and ensuring a diverse range of exceptional talent can access its respected global management degree.

Eligibility Criteria and Application Process

The eligibility criteria for these scholarships have been designed with accessibility at the heart. This openness recognises not just academic excellence but financial circumstances, ensuring a fair opportunity for all students looking to study at this prestigious school. The application process has been laid out in a straightforward manner, with staff on hand to provide guidance and student visa assistance to applicants who need it.

Types of Scholarships and Grants Available

International students have access to a wide array of scholarships and grants to assist with their tuition fees. These funds range from merit-based scholarships, acknowledging outstanding academic or extracurricular achievements, to country-specific awards and bursaries specifically aimed at supporting underrepresented groups. These financial awards enhance accessibility to the institution’s prestigious programs.

Managing Finances: Budgeting Tips for Students

Studying abroad is more than just tuition – it’s about managing living costs as well. Aura International extends its support beyond scholarships and grants, providing international students with valuable advice on managing finances. This includes strategies for effective budgeting, information on part-time employment opportunities, and other practical money-saving tips.

Merit-Based ScholarshipAwarded to students who have exhibited exceptional academic or extracurricular achievement.High academic achievers with strong leadership qualities
Country-Specific AwardGrant for students from specific countries, in order to promote diversity.Non-resident students from designated countries
Bursaries for Underrepresented GroupsFinancial aid to ensure a wide range of talented students have the opportunity to study abroad.Students from underrepresented groups based on financial need and/or other factors


With Aura International’s continuing commitment to diversity and excellence, studying at the school has been made more accessible, ensuring that more talented students can take advantage of the opportunities that a global management degree provides.

Student Visa Assistance and Legal Guidance

At Aura International School of Management, we understand that the process of applying for a student visa and understanding the legal requirements of studying abroad can be complex and daunting for international students. Therefore, we have dedicated service teams in place to provide student visa assistance and legal guidance as a part of our commitment to comprehensive international student services.

Visa Application Procedures

Our experienced visa support team provides individualised help for each international student to understand and navigate the intricate visa application procedures. They are available to answer any questions, aid in filling out the application forms accurately and guide you through any necessary interviews with embassy personnel. This essential student visa assistance ensures that international admissions are as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Legal Support for International Students

Beyond the initial visa application process, Aura International continues to provide legal support for international students, offering advice and guidance on a variety of issues. This includes detailed information on visa compliance, understanding the terms and conditions of the student visa, and legislations related to part-time work rights, taxes, and social services for international students. Our assistance aims to ensure the legality and comfort of our students during their stay.

Post-graduation Work Opportunities

A key aspect of choosing an international education for many students is the potential for post-graduation work opportunities in the host country. As a part of our comprehensive international student services, Aura International guides students towards understanding these opportunities and navigating through the options available. This includes providing information on potential employers, job market trends and requirements, as well as assistance in converting the student visa to a work visa when necessary.

By offering these comprehensive services, Aura International School of Management ensures that our international students are well supported, from the moment they receive their admissions confirmation to their transition into the professional world post-graduation.

Student Visa AssistanceHelp with understanding and navigating the visa application processReduces stress and uncertainty, ensures correct procedure is followed
Legal SupportCounsel on visa compliance, employment legislation, taxes and social servicesEnsures student’s legality during their stay, provides peace of mind
Guidance on Post-graduation Work OpportunitiesInformation and advice on job market trends, potential employers and visa conversionHelps students transition from education to employment in the host country



Aura International School of Management distinguishes itself as an idyllic choice for international students seeking to pursue a global management degree. It excels by offering comprehensive study abroad programs that are rigorously designed to draw out the best in an ambitious global pool of students. Its thorough international student admissions process ensures the selection of those poised to make significant contributions to the international business space.

Impressive still is Aura International’s commitment to providing robust scholarships – a clear testament to its proactive efforts to uplift the potential and future of deserving students irrespective of their economic backgrounds. Its robust student services aim to facilitate and polish the overall student experience. Additionally, the institution’s dedication to offering indispensable visa support makes the transition and overall journey for international students more manageable and worry-free.

Moreover, it is worth noting the institution’s cultivation of a multicultural learning environment. Aura International School of Management esteems diversities – promoting an interchange of ideas from different cultural backgrounds – enriching the learning exposure of students and spurring them towards becoming truly global leaders. This rich melting pot not only broadens students’ horison but embeds within them the impetus and readiness to make a difference in the global business landscape.

In essence, Aura International School of Management reflects a beacon of educational excellence for international students – curating a rich, comprehensive, and globally diverse educational experience that reliably paves the way for academic and professional triumph.



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