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How to Apply for Admission Online Process for Aura Application

The school application procedure has moved online in the current digital era, providing students with an easy and convenient route to tertiary education. We’ll cover the essentials of the online school admissions process in this blog post, step by step so that you can move smoothly into the next stage of your academic career.

School admission application process

The application form is a mandatory requirement for all college admissions. Personal data, academic records, and occasionally special inquiries mandated by the organisation are usually included.

First Visit the official Website and Click on Admission 


And Then Open Aura Admission information Read All Details carefully regarding the Required documents, Application fee, and submission of a valid application


Students must provide basic yet crucial information in this part, such as selecting the campus name and the program. Note that all of the information provided by the students in this part ought to be accurate then click next button.


Complete the Application Form: In this section, you provide the “personal and contact information” part of your application and verify your email id then go to next button


Fill in all Details like Address, City, Country, and Contact Number after Save and Next Button.


Students must fill in basic but crucial information in the first area, such as their contact information, address data, and name as it appears on their passport. Please take note that all detail that students enter in this part needs to be accurate and match the information in their passports or other identification documents.


You describe your educational background and work experience in this portion of your application, save and go to next.


Work experience details


Students must include information about their academic background and any other exams they have taken (such as the SAT or IELTS) in the following section.


They must also provide scanned copies of their Copy of your passport, their Updated resume, letter of motivation, and All-Academic certifications in a single pdf document to these details. Save and Click on the Next Button

upload doc 10

This stage allows you to select a reference, attest that the data above is accurate, sign, and save. Proceed to the following…Next Button


You unconditionally agree to the terms and conditions of the admissions process and to the processing of your data in compliance with the law and our privacy policy by submitting your application through this form.


Additionally, you consent to have a copy of your responses forwarded to the email address you provide. Save and Next

Before submitting your application, a €41.67 application fee must be paid. and it’s refundable


This regular fee helps to fund the creation and upkeep of the systems utilized in the application process as well as the management of the application process itself. Then submit the Application.


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