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MBA International Hospitality & Hotel Management

The realm of MBA in international hospitality management is a vibrant and diverse sector that presents numerous prospects for individuals who have a fervor for delivering exceptional guest experiences. Here at Aura International School of Management, we recognise that achieving success in this industry requires a distinctive combination of traditional values, innovation, and a global outlook. Join us on an exhilarating exploration of the world of International Hotel Management in France.

The Essence of International Hospitality Management

Hospitality is way more than just doing stuff for people; it’s an art that covers everything from giving guests a friendly greeting to making sure their stay is unforgettable. Running a hotel properly and making sure everything runs smoothly is hotel management. When you put these two fields together, that’s what makes up the exciting world of International Hospitality Management & Hotel Management in France.

Why Choose MBA in International Hospitality Management France?

Awesome Opportunities: The hospitality industry offers endless chances to work in different countries and experience various cultures. Working in this field can really boost your career and personal development.

Lots of Options: There are so many different paths available in hospitality, from running hotels and resorts to organising events, managing restaurants, and developing tourism. You can try out different roles and find what you’re really passionate about.

Focused on Customers: If you love making people happy and creating amazing experiences, this industry is a great fit for you. It’s all about going above and beyond to make sure customers are happy and satisfied.

Always on the Go: MBA in International Hospitality Management in france is all about fast-paced, ever-changing environments. It’s a thrilling industry where each day brings new challenges and keeps you on your toes.

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Why Aura International School of Management?

Experienced Faculty: Our teachers have a ton of real-world experience in the hospitality and hotel management industry and love sharing what they know with the next crop of professionals.

Global Exposure: We make sure our students get a taste of global perspectives, with case studies and guest speakers from around the world to prepare them for the diverse industry.

Hands-On Experience: Our programs aren’t all theory – we make sure students get hands-on experience through internships at top hotels, resorts, and companies to give them a taste of the real deal.

Networking Opportunities: We’ve got some great connections in the industry, which means students have plenty of chances to network and maybe even score themselves a sweet job opportunity.

Practical Workshops

Programs Offered – MBA – Hospitality

At Aura International School of Management, we’ve got this awesome MBA program in International Hospitality Management in France that’s super comprehensive. It’s basically designed to give students all the knowledge and skills they need to crush it in the ever-changing industry. Want to know more about the modules and how we do things around here? Let’s dive in!

Learning Methodology: Crafting Professionals

Our teaching methods are pretty cool and different, focused on making learning fun and meaningful. Here’s what we do:

Theoretical Lessons: Teachers talk about different topics to make sure everyone gets it. Students are encouraged to ask questions and join in the conversation to really understand the material.

PowerPoint (PPT) Presentations: We use PowerPoint slides to make learning easier and more visual. You’ll get a copy of the slides to look back on and study later.

Case Studies: By looking at real-life situations, you’ll learn how to solve problems and make decisions. This hands-on approach helps you apply what you’ve learned to the real world.

Industrial Visits: Field trips to companies or hotels give students a real-world glimpse of how things operate in the industry.

Workshops: In workshops, students get to delve into different topics and work on projects that help them build problem-solving skills. It’s all about hands-on learning.

Program Modules – MBA in Hospitality Management

In each module, students get to learn all kinds of cool stuff that’ll help them out in the hospitality industry. They’ll learn the basics and get ready for whatever challenges come their way in their future careers.

Internship: This part of the program is super important. It gives students a chance to test out what they’ve learned in a real job. Getting this hands-on experience is key to growing and getting better at what they do.

Non EU Students FEE – 9500 EUR / ANNUM*
EU Students FEE – 5500 EUR / ANNUM (Monthly installments with guarantee possible)

NOTE : *Early Bird Scholarship Offer of 1500 EUR fee discount is valid for both admissions.

In conclusion, the MBA program in Hospitality offered by Aura International School of Management provides a thorough and transformative educational experience that arms students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the competitive hospitality and hotel management sector.

Our distinctive teaching approach and curriculum modules pave the way for a prosperous career in this dynamic and globally-reaching field. Whether your ambitions lie in running a top-tier hotel, heading a resort, or managing an international hospitality enterprise, our program offers the ideal foundation for achievement.

Please note that the internship component is an essential aspect of the program, affording students invaluable hands-on experience. Typically lasting 20-22 weeks, the internship enables students to apply their theoretical learning to practical, real-world scenarios. It serves as a prime opportunity to acquire practical skills and establish meaningful connections within the industry.


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