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Culinary Odyssey with MBA in International Culinary Arts at Aura International!

Indulge your passion for the culinary arts and elevate your expertise to new heights with the MBA in International Culinary Arts at Aura International School of Management. This transformative program transcends conventional culinary education, immersing students in a comprehensive curriculum that goes beyond the fundamentals of cooking. 

In this detailed and immersive blog, we will delve into the intricacies of the program, its structure, special features, and the valuable skills it imparts to aspiring culinary professionals.

Beyond Cooking: Crafting World-Class Menus

The MBA in International Culinary Arts is not just about cooking; it’s about crafting world-class menus that resonate with contemporary culinary trends. Students Start on a culinary odyssey that integrates current culinary trends, nutritional science, and the art of preparing healthy foods. 

The program places a strong emphasis on creativity, encouraging students to explore innovative approaches to menu creation that align with the evolving tastes and preferences of discerning diners.

The Art and Science of Culinary Costing

A distinguishing feature of the program is the in-depth exploration of the financial aspects of running a restaurant. Students delve into the intricacies of calculating the cost of each dish, mastering the art of sourcing sustainable produce, and understanding the economic dynamics of the culinary industry. 

This dual focus on culinary artistry and financial management equips graduates with a well-rounded skill set, positioning them as professionals who not only create exceptional dishes but also navigate the business side of the culinary sphere with acumen.

Managing Culinary Teams with Expertise

The MBA in International Culinary Arts positions graduates as culinary professionals with a profound understanding of the intricacies of crafting exceptional menus and managing culinary teams. The program goes beyond individual culinary skills to cultivate leadership and teamwork expertise. 

Through practical experiences and immersive learning, students develop the ability to lead and inspire culinary teams, fostering a collaborative and high-performance culinary environment.

Navigating Financial Complexities

In addition to culinary creativity, students gain valuable experience in financial management, honing their acumen in navigating the financial complexities of the restaurant industry. 

The curriculum is structured to provide insights into budgeting, cost control, pricing strategies, and financial planning specific to the culinary domain. Graduates emerge not only as skilled chefs but also as savvy business professionals capable of making informed financial decisions in the culinary context.

Comprehensive Understanding of Culinary and Business Dimensions

The program is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of not only the culinary arts but also the business dimensions of running a restaurant. Students acquire knowledge in areas such as hospitality business, organisational behaviour, and the legal and taxation aspects relevant to the culinary industry. 

This holistic approach ensures that graduates are well-prepared for the dynamic challenges of the culinary industry, capable of excelling in both the creative and business dimensions of culinary arts.

Duration and Structure: A Culinary Journey Over Two Years

The MBA in International Culinary Arts is a two-year master’s course structured to provide a balanced blend of academic theory studies and immersive internships. Each year comprises six months of intensive studies, complemented by an additional six months dedicated to immersive internships. 

This structure ensures that students not only gain theoretical knowledge but also have the opportunity to apply their skills in real-world culinary settings. It’s a culinary journey that prepares them for the multifaceted challenges and opportunities within the global landscape of international culinary arts.

Academic and Professional Recognition: ECTS Credits

Upon successful completion of the two-year master’s course, students earn 120 ECTS Credits, symbolising their academic and professional achievements. 

This recognition serves as a testament to the comprehensive education and practical skills acquired during the program. Graduates emerge ready to make a significant impact in the ever-evolving field of international culinary arts.

Fee Structure: Accessible Education for Culinary Enthusiasts

The fee structure for the MBA – Hospitality program is designed to accommodate both Non-EU and EU students, making quality culinary education accessible. Non-EU students have a fee of 9500 EUR per annum, while EU students enjoy a fee of 5500 EUR per annum, with monthly instalments available. 

The administration fee is 320 EUR per annum. Additionally, the Early Bird Scholarship Offer of a 1500 EUR fee discount is a valuable opportunity for aspiring culinary professionals.

Intake Schedule: Plan Your Culinary Ascent

The MBA program in International Culinary Arts has intakes in March 2024 and September 2024, providing culinary enthusiasts with the flexibility to plan their educational journey. The strategic intake schedule ensures that students can begin on their culinary ascent at a time that aligns with their career goals and aspirations.

Start on a transformative culinary journey with the MBA in International Culinary Arts at Aura International School of Management. 

Whether you aspire to be a master chef, a culinary entrepreneur, or a leader in the culinary industry, this program is designed to nurture your passion and equip you with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful and impactful career in the world of international culinary arts. 

Don your chef’s hat and get ready to elevate your culinary expertise to new heights!


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