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The Value of EFMD Global and ICHRIE Memberships: Building a Network for Success

In today’s ever-evolving world, the importance of networking and collaboration cannot be overstated. This holds especially true in the realm of academia and professional development. As a student or professional in the field of business and hospitality management, you might wonder how to build a strong network and gain access to resources that can help you thrive in your career. This is where membership in organizations like EFMD Global and ICHRIE comes into play.

What are EFMD Global and ICHRIE?

Before we dive into the value of these memberships, let’s understand what EFMD Global and ICHRIE are.

– EFMD Global (European Foundation for Management Development): EFMD is a global network of business schools, corporations, and professionals dedicated to enhancing excellence in management education and development. It provides a platform for sharing best practices, fostering innovation, and creating meaningful connections among its members.


– ICHRIE (International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education): ICHRIE is a global community that represents hospitality and tourism management educators, professionals, and students. It’s a hub for sharing knowledge and experiences in the field of hospitality and related disciplines.


Building a Network for Success

Now, let’s explore the value of being a part of these prestigious organizations:

1. Access to a Global Community: One of the most significant advantages of EFMD Global and ICHRIE memberships is the opportunity to connect with a vast and diverse global community. Networking with educators, professionals, and peers from around the world opens doors to collaborations, cross-cultural insights, and a broader perspective on your field of study or career.

2. Sharing Best Practices: EFMD and ICHRIE serve as platforms for sharing best practices and innovative approaches in management education and hospitality. These organizations facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas, helping you stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in your area of interest.

3. Career Opportunities: Membership in these organizations can enhance your career opportunities. Access to job boards, career development resources, and industry partnerships can provide a significant boost to your professional journey. Employers often value candidates who are part of prestigious global networks.

4. Conferences and Events: EFMD Global and ICHRIE host conferences, workshops, and events that offer opportunities for professional development, research presentations, and networking. These events bring together experts and thought leaders in your field, allowing you to learn from the best.

5. Publications and Research: Both organizations often publish research papers, journals, and reports that are valuable resources for scholars and practitioners. Being a member grants you access to these materials, enabling you to stay informed and expand your knowledge base.

6. Accreditation and Recognition: For institutions and programs in business and hospitality management, EFMD Global and ICHRIE memberships can lead to accreditation and recognition. These affiliations demonstrate a commitment to excellence and can attract quality students and faculty.

7. Learning and Development: Continuous learning is essential in today’s competitive environment. Membership in these organizations provides opportunities for professional development, mentorship, and skill enhancement. It’s a pathway to lifelong learning and growth.

How to Get Involved

Joining EFMD Global and ICHRIE is relatively straightforward. Many universities and institutions, including Aura International School of Management, are members of these organizations. As a student or professional associated with such institutions, you can typically access the benefits of these memberships.

At Aura International, we value our EFMD Global and ICHRIE memberships and actively engage with these organizations to foster a culture of excellence, learning, and collaboration. As a student at our institution, you’ll have the opportunity to leverage these memberships to enhance your education and career prospects.

In Conclusion

Membership in organizations like EFMD Global and ICHRIE is a valuable asset for anyone in the fields of business and hospitality management. It’s not just about building a network; it’s about becoming part of a global community committed to excellence, innovation, and progress. Whether you’re a student, educator, or industry professional, these memberships can open doors to a world of opportunities and possibilities.

Invest in your future, build a network for success, and explore the endless potential that EFMD Global and ICHRIE memberships offer. Your journey to academic and professional achievement begins with being part of a global community that shares your passion and drive for excellence.