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BBA in Hospitality Management Program Module

BBA in Hospitality Management Program Module

Are you passionate about the hospitality industry and looking to hone your skills in business management? Then a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Hospitality Management could be the perfect program for you. This dynamic degree program combines the best of both worlds – offering a strong foundation in business principles while specialising in the unique challenges and opportunities of the hospitality sector.

Through a variety of program modules, students in a BBA hospitality management program can expect to delve into topics such as food and beverage management, hotel operations, event planning, and customer service. These modules not only provide a well-rounded education in the industry but also offer practical skills that can be applied immediately in a variety of hospitality settings.

Whether you aspire to manage a luxury hotel, oversee a bustling restaurant, or plan elaborate events, a BBA in Hospitality Management can equip you with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in this thriving field.

Why Choose BBA Hospitality Management program?

BBA Hospitality Management program is a popular choice for individuals who are passionate about the hospitality business and the hotel industry. This program offers a degree in hospitality with a focus on hospitality management and hospitality specialisation. Students enrolled in a BBA program will have the opportunity to learn about various aspects of hospitality business administration and gain valuable skills and knowledge that are essential for a successful career in the industry.

Moreover, a BBA in hospitality management provides students with a solid foundation in business principles, leadership skills, and managerial techniques that are specific to the hospitality industry. The BBA program modules are designed to equip students with the necessary tools to excel in a competitive and fast-paced environment.

By pursuing a hospitality management degree, students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through internships and practical training, preparing them for a successful career in the hospitality industry.

Graduates of a BBA hospitality program can pursue various career paths such as hotel management, event planning, restaurant management, and more.

In conclusion, choosing a BBA in hospitality management program is an excellent choice for individuals who are looking to enter the dynamic and rewarding field of hospitality. This program provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the industry and offers a wide range of career opportunities upon graduation.

Renaissance Influence and the Old Town

Transitioning to the Renaissance period, Lyon’s Old Town, fondly referred to as Vieux Lyon, flourished as one of the largest Renaissance neighbourhoods in Europe. From the 15th to the 17th century, it turned into a bustling commercial area, largely fuelled by the silk trade’s economic boom.

The Traboules, hidden passageways that dot the town, are architectural symbols of this era, facilitating efficient transportation of goods by silk workers.

Learning Methodololy

The way we teach helps students undergo positive changes and advance in their professional development. At Aura-Lyon, we offer a thorough program outline and curriculum that significantly aid in students’ growth. Our teaching methods are recognised for their distinctiveness and creativity.

Theoretical Instruction

The professors provide instruction on the specified subjects outlined in the syllabus, making sure that every student understands and absorbs the material. They actively prompt students to inquire, respond to questions, and clarify any uncertainties they may have regarding the course content

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PowerPoint (PPT) Demonstrations

Using visual aids like PowerPoint presentations helps students grasp the subject matter better. Teachers give students access to the slides from class so they can review and study the material later on.

Case Studies

Our teaching method utilises case studies to give students a comprehensive understanding of problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking, and other necessary skills. By using this approach, students can put into practice the principles they have acquired in the classroom to real-life scenarios.

Visits to Industries

Educational trips to industries provide students with a firsthand experience of how companies and hotels operate. We understand that theoretical knowledge is not enough to succeed in a career. Therefore, these visits give students a hands-on understanding of the real world of work.

Work Stations

Students in workshops are tasked with researching given subjects. By engaging in project-based learning, students are bound to face a range of difficulties, yet they also acquire the skill to identify potential resolutions and cultivate important problem-solving abilities.

BBA hospitality program modules for 1st Year


BBA Hospitality for Fee Structure & Eligibility Criteria

The tuition fees for the BBA in Hospitality program at Aura International School of Management differ for Non-EU and EU students:

– Non-EU Students: 8500 EUR per year
– EU Students: 4500 EUR per year (Monthly payment plan available with a guarantee)
– Administration Fee: 320 EUR per year

Eligibility Criteria

BBA: 12th or 10+2 /High School Diploma (Europe)/ Equivalent (Any stream)

Marks: 55% and more

English Level: 12th / High School Diploma (Europe)/ Equivalent diploma – English Marks 65% & more Or IELTS – 6 Bands

Note – In some cases MOI Certificate can be considered instead of IELTS Score Card.

At Aura International School of Management, we make sure our students have the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience through internships at top-notch establishments. Whether they’re soaking in the luxurious vibes of high-end hotels, keeping up with the hustle and bustle of airport services, or navigating the exciting world of cruise-liners, our students get to dive into different aspects of the hospitality industry and gain practical insights.


Career Prospects for BBA Hospitality

Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management have a wide range of career opportunities available to them. They can work in various sectors such as hotels, restaurants, event management companies, tourism agencies, and more. With their knowledge of management principles and hospitality operations, they can pursue careers as hotel managers, event planners, food and beverage managers, sales and marketing executives, and more.

Moreover, individuals with a BBA in Hospitality can also explore opportunities in the travel and tourism industry, working as travel agents, tour guides, or cruise ship directors. They can also consider starting their own businesses in the hospitality sector, such as opening a restaurant, hotel, or bed and breakfast.

Overall, a BBA in Hospitality opens up a plethora of career possibilities in the dynamic and growing hospitality industry, making it a highly sought-after degree for individuals passionate about providing excellent service and creating memorable experiences for customers.

Hospitality Industry in France

an In France, the hospitality industry is a vital sector of the economy, contributing significantly to the country’s GDP and providing thousands of jobs. The French are known for their world-class hotels, restaurants, and tourism services, attracting millions of visitors each year. The industry is characterised by its high standards of service, luxury accommodations, and exquisite cuisine.

Paris is a particularly renowned destination for hospitality, with its iconic landmarks, Michelin-starred restaurants, and luxury hotels. The city’s unique charm and cultural attractions make it a top choice for travelers seeking a memorable experience. From quaint bed and breakfasts in the countryside to luxurious resorts on the French Riviera, the hospitality industry in France offers a wide range of accommodations to suit every taste and budget.

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