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Admission Steps Simplified!

Research and Choose a Program:

The pivotal starting point in your academic journey at Aura International School is the careful consideration and selection of the program that resonates with your career aspirations and personal interests. Aura offers a diverse range of programs, including the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business & Hospitality. Each program is meticulously designed to provide a unique and enriching educational experience.

When exploring these programs, take the time to delve into the intricacies of the curriculum, faculty expertise, and the specific opportunities they offer. Whether you’re drawn to the dynamic world of business or the hospitality industry, Aura’s programs are crafted to provide a solid foundation for your future career.

Check Admission Requirements:

Understanding the admission requirements is the key to a successful application process. For the BBA program, a 12th-grade qualification in any stream with a minimum of 55% marks is required. Meanwhile, the MBA program necessitates a Bachelor’s degree in any stream with a minimum of 55% marks. It’s crucial to review these specific requirements for your chosen program to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria.

By carefully reviewing the admission criteria, you set the stage for a smooth application process and increase your chances of acceptance into your desired program.

Prepare Application Documents:

Once you’ve identified the program that aligns with your goals, the next step is to prepare the necessary application documents. These documents play a crucial role in presenting a comprehensive picture of your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and motivations for pursuing the chosen program.

Commonly required documents include academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and a statement of purpose. These materials offer insights into your capabilities and demonstrate your commitment to academic excellence.

Submit the Application:

With your application documents in hand, complete the online application form available on the Aura International School website. After filling out the form, submit it to for thorough review by our admissions team.

The submission of your application marks a significant milestone in your journey toward academic enrichment. Our admissions team carefully evaluates each application to ensure a fair and thorough selection process.

Interview Rounds:

Shortlisted candidates move on to the interview rounds, a critical phase where your suitability for the program is assessed. The interview process is designed to delve deeper into your goals, aspirations, and how well they align with the program’s offerings.

The interview rounds provide a valuable opportunity for you to showcase your passion for the chosen field and your potential contributions to the Aura community. It’s a chance for us to understand your unique qualities and how they align with our educational philosophy.

Receive Admission Offer:

Congratulations! If selected, you will receive an official admission offer from Aura International School. This offer is a testament to your academic potential and the belief that you have the qualities to thrive in our dynamic learning environment.

Receiving the admission offer is an exciting moment, signifying that you are on the path to joining a community of dedicated learners and accomplished professionals.

Accept Admission Offer:

To secure your place in the program, promptly accept the admission offer. This step is essential to confirm your commitment to joining Aura International School.

By accepting the offer, you express your readiness to Begin on an educational journey that promises growth, exploration, and a transformative learning experience.

Pay Tuition Fees:

Complete the payment process for tuition fees as specified in the offer letter. Timely payment ensures a smooth enrollment process and guarantees your spot in the program.

Paying the tuition fees is a significant step toward finalising your enrollment, and it reflects your dedication to investing in your education and future success.

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Etudes en France Account:

Create an account on Etudes en France, a platform that facilitates the visa application procedure. This account is indispensable for international students planning to study in France.

Etudes en France serves as a crucial link between you and the French administrative processes, making your transition into student life more seamless.

Visa Documents:

Prepare all the necessary documents required for the Campus France portal to initiate the visa application process. This step involves meticulous attention to detail, as accurate documentation is critical for a successful visa application.

Your preparedness at this stage significantly contributes to a smooth and efficient visa application process, ensuring compliance with French immigration regulations.

Pay Campus France Fees:

Proceed with the Campus France procedure by paying the required fees. This step is integral to completing the visa application process and ensuring compliance with French immigration regulations.

Paying the Campus France fees is an essential part of the administrative process, further solidifying your commitment to studying in France and facilitating the coordination of necessary paperwork.

Campus France Interview:

Participate in the Campus France interview as part of the visa application process. The interview is a crucial step in the overall procedure, allowing officials to assess your intentions and preparedness for your academic journey in France.

The interview provides an opportunity for you to convey your enthusiasm for studying in France and to address any questions or concerns the officials may have.

NOC and Visa Application:

Obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the concerned authorities and submit the visa application at VFS (Visa Facilitation Services). The NOC is a crucial document indicating the approval of your home country for studying abroad.

This stage involves liaising with your home country’s authorities, emphasising the collaborative nature of international education and the importance of regulatory compliance.

Wait for Visa Processing:

Patience is key during the visa processing period. It’s a stage that requires a calm and composed approach as you await the decision on your visa application.

While waiting, use this time to finalise any remaining preparations and anticipate the exciting adventure that awaits you in France.

Receive Visa Decision:

You will receive the decision on your visa application from the relevant authorities. This moment is a significant milestone, indicating the approval to travel to France for your studies.

Receiving a positive visa decision is a moment of celebration and marks the culmination of the administrative steps needed to Start on your educational journey.

Travel to France:

Once your visa is approved, it’s time to book your journey to France. Make travel arrangements and prepare for an exciting academic adventure in the heart of Europe.

This step is the bridge between the administrative preparations and the actualization of your dream to study at Aura International School. It’s a moment of anticipation and excitement as you set foot on French soil.

Register and Attend Orientation:

Upon arrival, complete the registration process at Aura International School. Attend the orientation program to familiarise yourself with the campus, academic resources, and the vibrant community awaiting you.

The orientation program is a crucial introduction to the Aura community, providing valuable insights into campus life, academic expectations, and the rich cultural experiences awaiting you.

Start Your Studies:

Finally, Start on your academic journey at Aura International School. The classrooms, faculty, and diverse student body offer a world of possibilities. Your studies begin, opening the door to a future filled with opportunities.

The commencement of your studies is a moment of realisation—a culmination of your efforts, dedication, and the collective support of the Aura community. It’s the beginning of a transformative chapter in your academic and personal growth.

At Aura International School, we are committed to guiding you through every step of this comprehensive journey. Each stage is meticulously designed to ensure a smooth transition into our academic community. Your dream of studying in France is not just a vision but a tangible reality. Apply now and take the first step toward a successful career and a fulfilling academic experience!



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